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Our Mission

Our Mission at Unity Family Services, Inc. is to provide outstanding advocacy, mental health care, and support to the adults, children and families that we serve in Western Pennsylvania.

Our Vision

In the 17 years that Unity Family Services, Inc. has been providing mental health services to children and families, our vision has not changed. We strive to provide the families of Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Indiana, and Westmoreland Counties the opportunity to achieve real recovery and have a real choice in their mental health provider. We believe that fair competition between health providers and the right to choose among those providers is the catalyst for better mental health care. As we move forward, we hope that we can continue to grow and provide new mental health services and programs that will meet the needs of our community.

Our Values

Since we consider our employees to be our most precious asset in meeting the needs of our mental health clients, we require each member of our team of therapists and peer support staff to be dedicated and responsible for the continuous improvement of their services. We are committed to not only meeting, but surpassing, the expectations of the children and families we serve. We understand the importance of delivering confidential, culturally sensitive services to preserve the dignity and respect of our clients. We believe it is our responsibility to operate efficiently and effectively to promote an ethical culture that is able to comply with laws and regulations. We are dedicated to the Child and Adolescent Service System Program (CASSP) in the delivery of comprehensive, coordinated and collaborative mental health services.

The CASSP Principles:

Child Centered – services are developmentally appropriate, strength-based, and specifically geared toward meeting the individual needs of the child.

Family Focused – services recognize that the family is a primary support system for the child and as such, the family should participate as a full partner in all decision making processes concerning the treatment plan.

Community Based – whenever possible, services are delivered in the child’s community to include any social, religious, or cultural organization that may pertain to the child and family’s way of life.

Multi-System – services are planned in collaboration with ALL child-serving systems involved in the child’s life.

Culturally Competent – services recognize and respect the behavior, ideas, attitudes, values, beliefs, customs, languages, rituals, and practices characteristic to the family’s cultural group.

Least Restrictive and Least Intrusive – services are designed to feel natural for the child and family, not restrictive or intrusive.

Quality Assurance

Unity Family Services continues to review and complete quality assurance enhancements to its Family-Based and Peer Support programs. The reviewers meet quarterly to discuss and revise the Continuous Quality Improvement plan. Click the link below to view our most recent summary.

Summary 2019/2020
Summary 2020/2021

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